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Waypoints are special objects on the map that allows players to teleport between other waypoints. Some of them can be unlocked just by walking on the center tile, others require quests or using special items.

Waypoint example from Thais east of depo
List of unlocked waypoints.

List of waypoints

  1. Thais (free)
  2. Venore (free)
  3. Kazordoon (free)
  4. Carlin (free)
  5. Ab'Dendriel (free)
  6. Liberty Bay (free)
  7. Port Hope (free)
  8. Ankrahmun (free)
  9. Darashia (free)
  10. Edron (free)
  11. Svargrond (free)
  12. Yalahar (free)
  13. Farmine (free)
  14. Gray Beach (free)
  15. Roshamuul (free)
  16. Rathleton (free)
  17. Krailos (free)
  18. Feyrist (free)